Still Rolling X

Still Rolling X


This t-shirt is from our tenth collection. It features 4 designs from all the past collections, some as is, some reworked, all together to create a collection that reflects UNTY to what it is today. Each t-shirt represents 4 different lessons learned through our experience, these lessons are also relatable to anyone.

Still Rolling X: Just cruise though and enjoy it

In the beginning, we took ourselves quite seriously. Having photo shoots in studios and working with people that didn't necessarily reflect the brand, getting frustrated if it didn't turn out the way we wanted it. With time, we realized that it didn't need that, the more we just let things go with the flow, the more things seemed to work out. We've reached a point in UNTY where we're doing this to have a good time, work on some designs we enjoy working on and release content that we enjoy creating. The guy on the bike is a tribute to a Tyler the Creator album cover he released in 2013 called Wolf. This album was all we listened to when we started UNTY, so this seemed like a fit tribute to our beginnings.

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