Diamond UNTY Logo - Box Cut

Diamond UNTY Logo - Box Cut


Words by the founder:

There are a lot of things that I credit for inspiration, sometimes it’s something I see in a museum, in a book or in the street, but rarely have I ever taken something from my childhood. My grandfather brought in the franchise of Agfa into Egypt, back in the 80s, giving access to film photography, printing and studios all across the city. As a child, I was constantly surrounded by Agfa merchandise, the red diamond with the retro typography, among variations of color and composition. Didn’t really mean much to me at the time but today, I look at that branding as a true icon, possibly engraved in my subconscious.

The design details of this t shirt are unlike any we’ve done before, mostly because it only has one print rather than the several we usually come out with. With a simple red diamond logo on the front left, it’s the first t shirt we’ve released with this simplicity, featured on our box cut that we just introduced in our last collection.

This t shirt was made in celebration of a good summer. We released one of our best collections, introduced new designs, new icons and opened some new opportunities in production. We’re more motivated to release more t shirts during the entire year, not just exclusively during the summer season as we usually do. We want to push more cuts, materials and ideas out there because we feel like the brand has reached a very important part of its evolution this year. Thanks for sticking around with us, also double thanks if you read all this.

This t shirt is available in limited numbers

  • Only available in 3 sizes.

  • Box Cut: A comfortable oversize fit with more length added on the sleeves.

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

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