Can of UNTY

Can of UNTY



For our 14th drop, we want to celebrate the iconic smiley by creating one of our own, that takes the simple form of a smile and eyes in a yellow circle, however tweaking both to create something that’s originally ours.

“بالتوفيق” is featured several times in this collection.

First reason is the luck you can get with a smile. Negotiating the price of fixing your car? Got caught buying _______ in the street your grandma lives in (insert anything your grandma wouldn’t approve of)? Trying to get into one of those “couples only” places with 4 dudes? Put on that smile and hope you get lucky.

Second reason has to do with car stickers. Cabs, microbuses, regular size buses and cars have smiley stickers plastered all over in all forms. Question is, where do they get these stickers from? شارع التوفيقية (Tawfiqaya Street)

UNTY Standard Cut

  • This design is featured on our standard crew neck cut

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

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