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UNTY x Firehorse T shirt

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Not many images on Cairo's highways have been as pervasive and Disruptive™️ as firehorse. we can only think of a couple more. What we're discussing here is, primally, a stock image of a horse on fire, downloaded, printed, and distributed all throughout the city. it is utilitarianism par excellence. it is singular, repeatable, and both overwhelmingly grandiose and commonplace. we grew up seeing it, and we learned to get used to it. it took active choice on our part to look at it and think about it. it has become an inside joke, and we're here to let you in on it. you can finally get your hands on our collaboration with Firehorse Cairo.

UNTY Standard T-shirt Cut

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Made + Designed in Egypt

  • Wash Cold and Air Dry

  • Do not iron print