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United Nations of the Troubled Youth T Shirt

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This concept was first drawn up around 2017, and it just sat in a folder till December 2022. During those years we met people from all around the region. Palestine, Tunis, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Sudan, just to name a few. With different backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences, dialects and languages, we always found a common ground. We are a generation that challenges the past, breaking traditional nuances that we were groomed to follow and to finally bring an end to romanticizing that orientalist image. Arabian nights are a lot darker than you think. This all came with a price though, but everyone we know was ready to pay for it. From this, we created the United Nations of the Troubled Youth.

We first released this design in December 2022 on a t shirt, and unreleased vest. During our last pop-up we had it as an option for people to print on blanks, bags, jackets, anything anyone came in with. We saw a few prints and decided to do a limited run of them, with a new colorway on white.

The current stock is very low, but a restock will be available online April 15th.

UNTY Cropped T-shirt Cut

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Made + Designed in Egypt

  • Wash Cold and Air Dry

  • Do not iron print