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Marching Animals Green Hoodie

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When you think of Cairo, you usually associate it with the nile, endless buildings, billboards, traffic for kilometers on end. Its a jungle, in the sense that its dense and its streets are tangled and random. Within this jungle lives a variety of creates that have made this concrete landscape their home. Dogs rolling in packs, cats scavenging with charm, ferrets zipping through alleys and herons gliding across the Nile, Cairo serves a habitat that gives these animals ground (and water) to grow and live amongst us. This design is a tribute to those that dwell in those streets, scavenging, living and thriving.

Models are 183 cm and 164cm, both wearing Medium

UNTY Cropped Sweater Cut

  • 100% Milton Egyptian Cotton

  • Made + Designed in Egypt

  • Wash Cold and Air Dry

  • Do not iron print