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Ice Cream UNTY Logo Black Tote Bag

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Its hard to describe how it felt to put UNTY on hold last year. It was a mix of emotions, some regret, some relief, felt like I was missing something but at the same time felt like I had some room to explore myself and evolve my design style. It took months to finally start designing again, and not with an intention to release a collection, just to get it running again. The first design that came out happened completely by chance. I went down to get ice cream in Zamalek, Im looking down at the fridge to pick a flavor, Zabadi bel toot has been a recent favorite of mine. Im looking down at it and I saw something in the extra sauce on the top. I could vaguely read UNTY. I took a pic, went home, put it onto photoshop and traced the sauce, made some minor edits and there it was. Out of context this design may look like just another typeface made through experimentation, which essentially it is but for me, it was a revival moment.

Jumbo Tote Bag 

  • Heavy weight black canvas
  • 50 x 40cm
  • Top zipper
  • Inner pouch with zipper
  • Front & Back print