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Every home we grew up in, be it your own, family or friend’s, there was usually a large space. Usually uninhabited during the majority of the year. It was reserved for special occasions.

This space is often occupied with heirlooms and antiques that date back to the 19th, 18th century, sometimes even farther back, passed down through several generations; The Salon.

Often we find ourselves in social settings and situations in that space that don’t necessarily fit our lifestyle, the concept itself is merely a product of traditional etiquette, more or less an expectation.

What the salon represents to the youth carries much less importance and grandeur than what it represents to previous generations. This photoshoot aims to reflect on that.

What’s generally presented in a classical and most likely well mannered approach, we took in a less serious direction, working with it as a set and involving all the pieces that put it together as props.


This cultural phenomena is something engraved in us. No matter how far you try and escape the traditions we’re brought up in, those rooms of fancy chairs and soft rugs will always be a part of us.

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Lookbook shot by Omar Harbi

ft. Hazem Ragheb