Yehia O x UNTY


His name is Yehia Osama. He's a dentist, a painter, and a skater. We reached out to him because he's an interesting dude with ambition, and that's enough to inspire.

We met up with him on Marghany Street, Heliopolis on a Friday morning to get to the know the guy, with Hady Ashraf and Tarek Effat there to capture the streets from his point of view.

I graduated in 2009 , from dental school. Art has always been a part of me growing up, but I never thought I would actually pursue art and take it more seriously till a couple of years ago.
I started painting right after graduating from dentistry , before that it was just doodling around next to lecture notes in uni.

I want to create artwork that out lives me for centuries. And inspire future painters as my idols have inspired me.
I started skating in 2001, I used to play tony hawk’s pro skater, and that got me to want to actually try to skate. So me and my best friend at the time we chipped in and bought a knock off board from sports mall.
Skateboarding has evolved so much throughout these last couple of years. People have started to accept skateboarding ( not completely ) . But it is on its way to be less surprising to see skaters skating around now than 10 years ago.
I have a glow in the dark project I’m working on, still in the experimental phase. I’ve always been fascinated with the glow in the dark stuff growing up . There’s something very exciting about working with that material.

And having my own work space has enabled me to actually take action into anything that I might be thinking of.
Becoming a dentist wasn’t exactly something I thought of through . But eventually I have learnt to accept and entangle art with dentistry, and they enrich the various facets of one another.

I’d also love to be the best version of a dentist that I can be, with an inclination to the artistic side of dentistry.
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