Port Side


Ayah Aman reached out to us a couple weeks back interested in a possible collaboration. We checked out her Instagram page and found her photography style very appealing, showing a clear interest in urban sub-culture and streetstyle.

She lives in Port Said.

The following is her photoshoot featuring our latest collection and a selection of our caps.

Her narrative reveals an abstract perspective of life in Port Said.

It’s a love/hate relationship really, makes it so damn weird to think about Port Said.
I love the beach, I love the streets, I try to convey what I am feeling through my camera.
I paint colors on my pictures with neon lights, bulbs shivering with their light as the breeze of the winter roams the streets shivering the bones of those who roam them.
Them, they’re mostly the problem,
the problem is within them, in them, scared, paranoid.
They need to lighten up, take it easy, try a rebellion, against themselves, against the nation, against me.
Courageous not cowardly...
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