Malak's Diary

" The jist of it is that I wanted to give across the image I have of the brand,
it's young and it's fresh. "
 " At a point it almost became a diary series, I was taking the shirts with me everywhere and they merged with my life, the photos with the shadows were on a road trip when we got stranded on the side of the road for a few hours. "
" When I took the photos of the girls I wanted it to feel young and alive and curious.
The thing with street wear is its not high fashion, it's not a dress you'll wear once and then lock away in your closet. I think it's why I didn't imagine it as a one shoot thing.  "
" I've got some from a club night that I need to get developed. I'm honestly interested in carrying on taking them around and continuing this UNTY diary. "

I will pursue shooting them at times because I think it could be sick. What do you think?

Lemme know your thoughts 

M x 



Photos by Malak Kabbani 

UNTY Designs