Mada III


" We are an Egypt-based media organization interested in producing intelligent and engaging journalism, and more generally in re-examining the role of media in relation to its public. " This is the first sentence in the about us section on the Mada Masr website. Our relationship with them has always been healthy. We were part of two Mada Market events that gave us an opportunity to interact with their audience. They were going into their third anniversary when we found an opportunity for us to work together. We decided to collaborate on the branding of the event, as well as release a collaborative piece.

Working with them was a breeze. We agreed on the direction immediately and went into production quick. Because of the short notice, it was a big gamble, production can take a couple months to get through but it was worth the shot. We didn't receive the pieces till literally one hour into the event. We picked them up, without taking a single picture, or any documentation of it whatsoever, we bolted from Obour (the location of the factory) to the Swiss Club in Embaba. 

We get to the event and immediately gave the pieces to the Mada team. We probably went in and out of stress at least 5 times throughout the day, the relief we felt pretty much distracted us from having any expectations to how it'll turn out. The pieces sold out in hours.

This was one of the most special moments we've experienced since we started UNTY. And it wasn't because the pieces sold out, it was because we were able to work together with a team that people genuinely appreciated. There could have been any design on that sweater, it was the voice that we both have that people connected with that sold that sweater. 

Mada Masr remains to be one of the few entities in Egypt that have kept things real, and stay real to themselves. We live in a society that is sensitive, doesn't like to hear things that challenge their beliefs and interfere with their control. If we all surrendered to it, then we will do nothing but contribute to the corruption, feeding our government with the power to continue shutting down voices like Mada Masr. It is their voice and those like them that give us the opportunity to evolve, to broaden our knowledge and opinions of matters relating to our society, especially injustice. This journal entry probably won't make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it's definitely better than being quiet about it. 

Stay woke.

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